Let The Mental Madness Begin!

Who is Mez in ya Mental?

downloadfileMez in ya Mental is a radio show focused on the new and growing generation. With jobs becoming more difficult to obtain, Mez in ya Mental is designed to keep listeners one step ahead of the game. Yes, there is the weekly tea and hot topics, but that is not all that is offered from the show. From specific articles to ground breaking guests,  Mez in ya Mental is designed for the listeners to learn something that will help them get closer to their goals and aspirations in life.

I was born in Queens and raised in Long Island and that move showed me how to interact with different people. Because of this Mez in ya Mental is able to offer an array of features from people all over. This year expect a new segment called “Mez on the Move” which is interactive way to see other people following their dreams! Every episode of Mez in ya Mental will surely have you on your toes for the next episode,  because you will never know what to expect. Surely tuning in will better yourself,  because the purpose of Mez in ya Mental is to provide an outlet for people with a vision,  no matter what it is,  to speak on how and why these things matter to them and why some of these things should matter to you. Growing up as a first generation Haitian-American, radio is an un heard of career path. The people in my life motivated me enough to follow my dreams and that is what Mez in ya Mental will be to our generation! For show updates,  pictures and everything else, like the Facebook page Mez in ya Mental and follow @mezinyamental on twitter. So kick back,  relax and let Mez get in ya Mental.

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